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Dear Gossips,

Hello Victoria, BC?

The Faculty of Celebrity Studies tour kicks off a week today, Tuesday March 26, in YYJ! Enrollment begins now and ends tomorrow at noon PT and spots are limited. If you would like to register, please email [email protected] with FACULTY VICTORIA as the title. See you there! #rumorestimmortalis

Oh and Edmonton -- you’re next! Details soon!

During her hearing yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was overheard telling her lawyer, Mark Heller, to shut up. At one point, she muttered under her breath “Oh my God, I’m going to kill you”.  TMZ has video of it -- click here to see. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? He is the perfect fool. Who then apparently got into a screaming match with Michael Lohan outside the courthouse during his now infamous press conferences.

So, you know, that’s Lindsay Lohan now. Lindsay Lohan can only afford a lawyer who might actually be DUMBER than she is. Lindsay Lohan can also, despite the shortcomings of her attorney, somehow maneuver her way out of jail and save her own ass when she needs to. Why not spend 90 days in rehab instead of jail? Why not coast through community service and therapy? Out of control? Out of her mind? Deserving of sympathy?

Well, she has enough of a mind, still, to be able to manipulate the system. So now will you finally concede that this piece of sh-t is actually an asshole?

Yours in gossip,


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