Dear Gossips,

Zayn is always the one you worry about. He always seemed to be the most fragile. And he wears it on his body.

So this “stress leave”, over a few photos that showed up on social media, and the ensuing anxiety for both him and his fiancée…I believe it. I believe that the only chemical involved here is love, and thousands of years of poetry and prose would argue that it’s the most potent one. He’s just 22, after all. At 22, there is nothing you won’t throw away for love. What I love about this story is that it’s about a boy. Too often, this kind of emotional intensity – perceived as weakness by many – is associated with girls. And Taylor Swift.

That said, again, he’s 22. At 32 you look back and you say, f-ck, that was a LOT of unnecessary drama. At 42, if you’re lucky, the only drama in your life is the kind you read about in horny books. As you know, I like my horny books in the New Adult variety when, conveniently, they’re all around 22. The one thing that makes me crazy about New Adult books? There are too many f-cking sequels. I made the mistake of reading one recently and am now enraged that I have to wait another month to find out what happens. Don’t get me off and then tell me I can get off again…and put me on delay.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,