Dear Gossips,

As mentioned yesterday, there will be LiveBlog today at 3pm ET/Noon PT heavily focused on The Hunger Games. We may get into other items towards the end but the spotlight for much of it first will be on THG. Click here to read my spoiler-heavy review if you missed it, and please join @Cinesnark and me if you’re interested later.

I was really hoping we’d get some shots of Prince Will running into his Catherine’s arms, having now returned to England after serving in the Falklands for a few weeks. This, obviously, is not the Windsor style. It is however the perfect opportunity in 6-8 weeks for one of the dumbass British rags to declare her pregnant, having conceived during their reunion.

Here’s your Sh-t vs Diarrhoea dilemma for the day: what makes you dumber - working for the UK Sun/Daily Mail/Mirror/whatever or reading fan ficton?  

Yours in gossip,