Dear Gossips,

I’ve never heard anyone say about someone who’s had a lot of plastic surgery that “OMG the way they’ve  jacked up her cheeks and her lips like that is SO f-cking amazing”.

Buuuuut... it’s showing up everywhere. The people who are doing it obviously think it looks good. They want to have the LA Face. Either that or someone is telling them to want to have the LA Face. And a lot of people already have the LA Face now. So much so that at some point, it could become the new beauty standard to represent an entire society, if it hasn’t already. Tastes change quickly. I mean, Marilyn Monroe was around only 50 years ago. And for at least 15 years now, her body, once the ultimate in feminine representation, has been reconsidered to be too fat. What will they say in another 15?

Over in China where they regularly have plastic surgery beauty competitions, it’s not even a conversation anymore. My goal is to delay going back there for a decade or so. And when I do, I want to find myself in a restaurant, surrounded by manga faces, so that I’m not actually sure if it’s a comic book or real life.

Yours in gossip,