Dear Gossips,

So...they’re remaking Endless Love. Alex Pettyfer will play David. Gabriella Wilde, nee Gabriella Zanna Vanessa Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (Good GOD is she related to Cressida Bonas’s people!?), will play Jade.


Endless Love was my bootleg at one time. You know, at a certain age, when you start feeling certain things in your body and you’re not sure why you just know that that scene, or all the scenes, in the movie bring them on? Anyway, it was only a matter of time, considering the popularity of Twilight and the intensity of the Beliebers. Give the teens an angsty love story with a slightly unhinged male protagonist who’s only doing it because She Is The One and There Is No Other, and, well, OK I get it...

But at the same time, we are not in the 80s anymore. In the 80s, people weren’t so... offended... by sex. In the 80s they were capable and permitted to shoot a proper sex scene, release it at the theatre, and FOX News wasn’t around to blow fire at the television. Entertainment Weekly posted a good article a couple of weeks ago about sex at the movies, noting the slow death of the Sex Scene, and offering 3 reasons, briefly:

-moviemakers would rather spend the money on CGI (when things blow up you can put it in a trailer but you can’t put two people humping in a trailer)
-the internet
-teenage boys prefer explosions and also the conservative people who make decisions for our youth don’t think watching sex for them is appropriate.


Gunfire on the other hand? There is some serious, serious gunfire on display, all kinds of violence, in PG movies these days. Showing a woman’s naked legs wrapped around a man’s naked waist and moving up and down and moaning, on the other hand, it would be too much.

So. This Endless Love. Are we getting the Bella and Edward version of it or will it be a solid throwback to when Hollywood knew how to make it hot on film?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,