Dear Gossips,

Last week it was Vogue that turned 25 years old. And very, very soon? It’s almost 25 years to the day that Mimi shot the video for Vision Of Love. The song was then released a month later, in May. You shrug. But do you know the influence of Vision Of Love? Vision Of Love inspired an entire generation of singers and wannabe singers. Because while it was Whitney who was the master of melisma, Mimi took it to the people. Which is why The New Yorker once called Vision Of Love the “magna carta” of melisma. Think of what American Idol would look like without Vision Of Love. Or whether or not it would even exist.

I wonder if Mimi is already celebrating. Here she is, out for dinner last night, giving us some serious Vision Of Love hair, no extensions and no pieces. Maybe it’s a call-out to the lamb-ily. That it’s time. It’s time to fete her. I mean, we are expected to fete her every day, with butterflies and Hello Kitties. But this occasion requires a lot of EXTRA. I’m not sure yet what that’s supposed to look like. Isn’t that why we’re all making a pilgrimage to Vegas for her residency though?

Yours in gossip,