Dear Gossips,

My friend Lorella is convinced that Kanye West and his fiancée will personally buy as many copies of their VOGUE cover as possible – boxes and boxes and boxes of them, thousands and thousands – so that when the numbers come out, they’ll be able to say it was the top seller of the year.

But the backlash continued all weekend. As mentioned on Friday, many of you wrote and tweeted about cancelling your subscription. Others declared the beginning of the end of Anna Wintour’s career. Wintour insists that Kanye didn’t beg her for it. She defended her decision on Friday, explaining that VOGUE features those who “define culture and stir things up”. For months now, Kanye has been arguing that his fiancée deserves the profile, that she has earned her place atop the celebrity hierarchy, that she is as big a star as the biggest stars in the world.

MIT is currently conducting a research project that aims to be able to quantify fame. They ended up releasing several lists – one of them was supposed to answer the question “Who Is The Most Famous Canadian?” The answer: Avril Lavigne.


Is it 2002?

And they’re basing this on…?

Well, one of the primary metrics was Wikipedia. Needless to say, there was outrage across Canada. So then MIT had to kinda backtrack. Still, if the internet is now a measurement of fame, there is certainly support there for Kanye West’s fiancé. Ahem, not on MY website, thank you very much, but the evidence is everywhere else. This is the most talked about VOGUE cover in months. Maybe years. And it could very well be the most talked about, most tweeted about, most debated, most controversial VOGUE cover all year.

Maybe then the question is not so much whether or not Anna Wintour should have put Kanye West and his fiancée on the cover but what it means for the VOGUE brand now that she has. VOGUE, like, for example, Chanel or Tom Ford (with Hayden Panettiere, hahahahah), used to be selective about its aspirational message. I mean, Chanel’s not dressing, say, someone like Ashley Greene for any red carpet. If Kanye West’s fiancée is now representative of VOGUE’s message, the message must be then that VOGUE’s definition of “It” and Aspirational Value is being redefined. In other words, Anna Wintour’s just put her magazine on discount.

So. If you’re Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, if you’re Beyonce, if you’re legitimately the first class of celebrity, how do you feel about VOGUE now? Do you want to be covered on a discount? Anna Wintour’s just made it so that the people she features in her magazine need the magazine more than the magazine needs them. Which can only be powerful for so long. Some people don’t actually need the magazine. Angelina Jolie certainly doesn’t need the magazine. So Wintour will eventually have to work even harder for the true “gets” and when the true “gets” start passing, worst still, she’ll have to widen the pool to include more undesirables. Even fashion people have to eat sometimes.

Yours in gossip,