Dear Gossips,

How could I miss the 30 year anniversary of The Breakfast Club yesterday? Was too busy watching a press conference that only resulted in more questions. If they found the plane, where IS the plane?!?

But wait. How was I only 10 years old when The Breakfast Club came out? We were talking about The Breakfast Club at etalk yesterday and our boss Morley mentioned that he saw it in theatres and I was quick to auto-reply, yeah, me too. But now that I think about it… I didn’t. I saw it on VHS on a sleepover in my friend’s basement, 3 times in a row. Then on Monday we kept repeating our favourite lines to each other, over and over again. “Eat my shorts” used to be funny, OK?

And after all this time, you know which one I will always appreciate?

“School would probably f-ckin' shut down if you didn't show up. Queenie isn't here.”

I think that was the beginning of my cursing life. That’s when the swears became a part of my personality.

A few years ago, Rolling Stone posted a feature re-casting the movie with current stars. Emma Watson was the new Molly Ringwald and …oh my God…Emile Hirsch was suggested for Judd Nelson’s John Bender – WTF Rolling Stone?

Please never, ever remake this movie. Ever, ever, ever, ever.

Yours in gossip,