Dear Gossips,

Quick programming note first off the top -- it’s a holiday here in Canada and many other parts of the world tomorrow for Good Friday. So after today, the blog will not be updated until Monday. What happens on Monday? Well, first, on Sunday, it’s Game Of Thrones, the Season 3 premiere. And then on Monday the recaps resume.

So... is spitting in someone’s face the kind of mistake you can forgive on the Youth Excuse? “I’m young, I’m going to make mistakes” seems to be Justin Bieber’s go-to move these days which, fine, I guess, maybe when it comes to telling someone to f-ck off but I’m not sure if that covers the follow-up phlegm hurl that allegedly succeeded the profanity.

You know, for someone who claims to love and respect his ma so much, it’s not exactly the best way to show it. Because that’s how it’s judged, non? What kind of woman raises this kind of child? If there are no other deterrents, perhaps it’s time to try that one. Unless...

But that would only make Justin feel bad. Justin shouldn’t have to feel bad, like, ever.

Iginla + Crosby!?! It’s an Easter bonus for everyone outside Calgary. At this point I feel like Ryan Lochte could make better decisions than Jay Feaster.

Happy Easter!

Yours in gossip,