Dear Gossips,

The JUNO Awards are this weekend in Winnipeg! Serena Ryder leads the way with the most nominations and she’ll probably be up on stage a lot on Sunday night. Serena’s music got a lot of play this year all over the radio…so, if it’s OK, I’d like to give some love to my favourite Serena song that (in my opinion) didn’t get enough when it first came out a few years ago: Weak In The Knees is a track that I will never, ever, ever take off my iPod. I feel about Weak In The Knees the way I feel about Jann Arden’s Insenstive.

As for my favourite song of 2014 by a Canadian artist or artists? I Was A Fool by Tegan and Sara. Come on! Mae Whitman is in the video! 

The JUNOs air on Sunday on CTV.

To read this weekend: Emma Donoghue’s new book Frog Music. Click here for my review of Room, a novel that gave me the squicks for days. “I want some” still grosses me out.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,