Dear Gossips,

Why isn’t Julia Roberts all over the place and in my face?

Mirror Mirror opens tomorrow. While Lily Collins has been on the interview circuit here and there, I’ve not seen Julia at all. Have I missed her? Because I really try not to. Julia on promotion is usually appointment television for me (though the only television I’ve watched this week has been figure skating). And I don’t mean the junket interviews. I interviewed her on the junket too about 3 weeks ago. Every outlet has been rolling out that footage all week. But nothing live, no Letterman. In fact, everything about the marketing for Mirror Mirror has seemed rather muted. Or is it just that The Hunger Games has swallowed up everything? Am very, very curious to see how Mirror Mirror will open. I mean, obviously, no one expected THG to do $155 when they were setting release dates so many months ago. Next time around I wonder if they all just get the f-ck out the way.

Many of you have been asking lately for book recommendations. I know I’ve already mentioned this one several times but I feel like I really have to pimp it hard. You need to read The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M Danforth. I don’t want to review it until you’ve had a chance to finish it. Finish it. It’s worth your weekend.

Yours in gossip,