Dear Gossips,

We were thinking the same thing watching George Ezra perform on Saturday Night Live, right?

Why hasn’t Taylor Swift friend-collected him yet? And how long before she does? It’s inevitable, non? Although certainly not a priority on a night like last night, when she was friend-collecting all over the place at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Still, Calvin or George? If you ask me, George is WAY cuter.

The Kids’ Choice Awards also happened this weekend. Angelina Jolie showed up. Emma Stone showed up. Chris Pratt showed up. So, basically, the Kids’ Choice Awards > the People’s Choice Awards.

For some reason there were a lot of awards this weekend which happens to be a month after the Oscars. Is a month enough time to get over awards fatigue? There is no award season anymore. It’s pretty much year round awards now. Because in two weeks it’s the MTV Movie Awards. And two weeks after that it’s the MET Gala. Which is the Fashion Oscars, really. And two weeks after it’s Cannes. Which isn’t technically an award show but they all dress like it is.

There is no true low season anymore. It keeps gossip in business.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Planning a trip to Washington, DC. Where to stay? With good restaurants etc? Need recommendations!