Dear Gossips,

My project this weekend was House Of Cards on Netflix, now that award season is no longer hijacking our weekends. Marathoned 8 episodes and am trying to work in the next 5 before I leave for Toronto later this week. There has been a lot of discussion focused on Netflix’s broadcast model for the show -- releasing the entire first season at once as opposed to the traditional pacing, one episode at a time for several weeks. But this is already how many people consume television series. This is how many of you have been consuming Friday Night Lights...finally!

So there’s Eric & Tami Taylor...and then there’s Francis & Claire Underwood. Yes, yes, of course, the Taylors are the best. The best marriage on television, definitely. And how dare I compare their wholesome Dillon goodness to the Underwoods’ DC depravity. But though it may look different, in terms of partnership, don’t the Underwoods love each other, trust each other, and know each other just as much as the Taylors?

Maybe this will all change by Episode 13. Don’t tell me! Also... when is it safe to talk about and not be yelled at over spoilers?

Congratulations to Sasha F of Edmonton, Alberta who correctly predicted 23 out of 24 Oscar categories and is the winner of the 2013 Annual Contest, earning $5,000 and a Prada tote! That might actually be the best score we’ve ever had. Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to VH Steamers for the generous sponsorship this year!

New collections from Paris Fashion Week have been posted to LifeStyle and more will be added through the day.

Yours in gossip,