Dear Gossips,

$70 million for The Lorax?!? Family and foreign, that’s why they make movies now. That’s the only way they make money at the movies now. As my friend Teri said yesterday when the numbers were released, “What’s next? Goodnight Moon?” Having now spent two weekends straight in LA, there’s the feeling that it’s getting even more difficult to film features that fall outside of that demographic - another reason why television is becoming so attractive.

On the subject of television...

Game Of Thrones returns in a month and every few days they’ve been releasing new footage. Have you seen the latest trailer? Goddamn just make it April already.

Am still in LA for the last of a three movie junket weekend today then flying home tonight. There may be a slight delay with Tingles going up but otherwise, the blog should run on usual schedule. LifeStyle will be updated through the day with new collections from Paris and new columns from Sasha and Hayley. I’m also working on a couple of exclusive reports but have to get Lindsay Lohan out of the f-cking way first. It might end up being point form, that’s how much I don’t care.

Yours in gossip,