Dear Gossips,

Today is NHL Trade Deadline Day. I love this day. You know why? Because it’s all gossip. First they’ll report that Colton McThomas (fake name) is going to the Detroit Red Wings. Three hours later, McThomas will indeed be traded. But to the Boston Bruins. Which is kinda like the sports equivalent of  INTOUCH Weekly claiming that Jennifer Aniston is dating Jake Gyllenhaal only for her to step out wearing Justin Theroux’s engagement ring the next morning. Tell that to the sports junkie in your life.

Anyway, as I was celebrating the end of the long award season last night, I realised that because of the Oscars, I’d been neglecting my book baby. What kind of self-indulgent expectant mother ignores her book baby? Am I a terrible book mother already? I haven’t been talking about my book pregnancy AT ALL. I haven’t inserted my book baby into every conversation, even when the conversation has nothing to do with babies. I haven’t gone on and on and on about how uncomfortable I am as my book weight goes up. Not once have I book baby-jacked a discussion.

Well that all changes now since we’re inside a month to the Canadian release of Listen To The Squawking Chicken, my first book baby. I’m going to be namechecking my baby every chance I get, starting now.

April 1 is the day I’m going into labour in Canada. Click here to pre-order!

April 21 is when I’m going into labour in the United States. Click here to pre-order from Amazon and click here to pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

And everyone HAS to be happy for me because who doesn’t love babies!?

Yours in gossip,