Dear Gossips,

I’m back from elbow surgery. And I’m here to tell you:

Grey’s Anatomy is REAL.

Have you seen Whiplash? You remember how hot that band was? I said to Jacek when we were watching Whiplash: ummm… when I was growing up, band guys were NEVER that hot.

The orthopedic surgical team that worked on me yesterday, from the residents to the fellows to the anesthesiologists – all hot. Brilliant, conscientious, kind, funny, and HOT. In scrubs and shower caps! Also young. Young women and men led by the badass Dr Veillette (who’s no older than I am, I don’t think) at Toronto Western Hospital who refused to take a photo with me afterwards because it’s not his thing. Which only makes him even more punk rock.

Anyway, Veillette’s Anatomy is why I’m blogging again and working on a full, regular schedule just a day later, with staples holding my arm together. I told Dr Veillette I needed to go back to posting. Wouldn’t you know it, the ideal position for me right now, where I feel no discomfort, is when I’m on my laptop? He’s the BEST.

Thank you, Veillette’s Anatomy!

And thank YOU for all your emails, tweets, and well-wishes. I’m good.

“O true apothecary. Thy drugs are quick.”

But I will tell you, totally sober, that Justin Bieber on the cover of Men’s Health right now is totally my jam.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day. Information on compatibles will follow.