Dear Gossips,

“Ben Affleck Couldn't Be Prouder of His Family” - this is the obvious headline that appeared as a top story on this morning. The article, with no new information on the birth of Boy Affleck, or exclusive photos of the child, cites a source who says that Affleck “couldn't be happier. He loves his wife. He loves his family and he's proud – he's legitimately proud – you can just see it."

As opposed to medium proud?

Or fraudulently proud?

Meanwhile over at Us Weekly, that Snooki creature is pregnant on the cover. She’s on the cover because they think it will sell, because previous buyer patterns have indicated that it will sell. So ...our society’s baby obsession even extends to the baby-making of a degenerate? What is it about babies that makes us stupid, so stupid we’ll accept the insulting obviousness of a story of a man being “proud” of his family along with the alarming reality of a reality show fool procreating and profiting? I hate people. But I don’t hate the scheduling genius who decided that Kanye West would present his new collection on the same day as Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Images from the McQueen runway are in LifeStyle. More to be added throughout the day. And new posts from Sasha too.

Yours in gossip,