Dear Gossips,

The Porny Name Pool has proved that Duana obviously isn’t the only name nerd. Click here if you’ve not yet submitted your pick. Abilene and Dolly seem to be popular ones. Someone suggested Dallas but spelled it like “Dalice”. Which... I mean if that actually happens, it would make me so, SO happy. This really is the best game ever. Anyway, you have until 6pm PT today to join.

On tap today - Johnny Depp re: Tonto and an interesting bit about him and Vanessa Paradis. Also our Mad Men preview begins as we approach, finally!, the season premiere.

Someone has appeared on the blog every day this week. And you have enjoyed it. He will lead us into the weekend too.

Box office projections for John Carter are ranging from $25 million on the low to $40 on the optimistic. The good news is that I don’t think TK has to eat it. Just like Taylor Swift and Zac Efron don’t get to take any credit for the success of The Lorax.  

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,