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If you’ve been reading this blog a while, you know I like to get down with a good horny book. And I’ve recommended several. Yesterday on The Social we interviewed filmmaker Laurie Kahn whose documentary Love Between The Covers is screening at Hot Docs this week. 

Love Between The Covers is about horny books – the women who write them and the women who read them. Romance is the most lucrative genre in publishing. Romance authors are regarded as the most inclusive community of writers, supporting and promoting each other and their audience. So… why is it that romance gets no respect? The film posits that it’s because these are stories about women for women by women. And, well, as a society we suck at equality. Even in the arts? Yes, in the arts. Yes, in Hollywood, definitely in Hollywood.

Duana sent me this article the other day about the institutionalised marginalisation of women in Hollywood that opens with a story about George Clooney that doesn’t exactly show off his best side. His attitude, however, is the status quo. Click here to read the piece. And the Love Between The Covers trailer is below.

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Love Between the Covers Trailer from Laurie Kahn on Vimeo.