Dear Gossips,

With two lawsuits filed against John Travolta, even ass-kissy PEOPLE Magazine had to devote an article to his masseur situation yesterday. It ended up being the “most read” piece on their site and a massive shock to the MiniVan Majority. As I noted yesterday in my coverage of the story - click here if you missed it - a lot of people don’t know. As many of you wrote to corroborate, for a lot of people, it was almost impossible.

“But he’s married!”

Thing is, I’m not even sure it’s up to him anymore. We’ll get into the specifics later but it must be a delicate situation to report on if you’re PEOPLE or Entertainment Weekly or any of the publications that rely on super friendly relationships with celebrities to exist. You can’t not acknowledge the legal drama, but do you indulge in the details? When a star gets married, PEOPLE presents the minutiae, a precise accounting of all the elements of the wedding, down to the exact shade of lavender worn by the mother of the bride. I’m guessing that they won’t be including the part about John allegedly lifting his ass in the air, hands on both cheeks, calling attention to the magic spot he wanted rubbed out during his version of massage therapy.

As mentioned yesterday, I’m in England on assignment for etalk for a few days. Today is particularly tricky as I flew to London on the red eye and have to cover The Dictator premiere right away. The early part of today’s column was written in flight, Sarah will be contributing a couple of posts, and I’ll try to do the rest over blackberry. Depending how things work out, and with the time difference, it may end up being a light day with Jacek on Smutty Tingles. Tomorrow is looking wide open though and I’ll make up for it then. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.

Yours in gossip,