Dear Gossips,

Cameron Diaz confirmed two new projects this week - The Counselor with Ridley Scott starring Michael Fassbender from a script written by Cormac McCarthy (so, you know, not What To Expect When You’re Expecting) and an action comedy with Benicio Del Toro. She’s supposed to (eventually) work on Ryan Murphy’s One Hit Wonders with Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon and she has Gambit with Colin Firth awaiting release.

For years Cameron Diaz has been among the top earners in the business. Professionally she is thriving. She is a Big Deal. Gwyneth must tell her this all the time: You are a Big Deal. You are the Big Deal Jessica Biel will never be. But still, romantically, it’s like Cammie, she just just...shrinks. Around A-Rod and the blonde who replaced her? Please. I’m saying Cammie D will be around a lot longer than A-Rod. But she can’t hear.

With the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games coming up in London, no doubt there are many of you planning trips to London thjs summer. When you come, you need to hit up Ffiona’s. I stop there every time I’m here. What kind of food? Good hearty English food with no pretention. I know I’ve pimped her before but it’s a family-run business going on 20 years now and, well, places like Ffiona’s deserve our support. Oh and she serves black pudding for weekend brunch.

In honour of Mother’s Day, FASHION asked me to submit an old school photo of my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, to be featured on their Mom Style page. Best assignment ever. Because it gave her something to do last weekend, rummaging through all the old albums, trying to narrow it down to a few photos because, obviously. I’ve mentioned before that she loves telling me how not attractive I am compared to how she was back in the day, right? “I was so much more beautiful than you. Your body and your thick legs come from your dad’s side of the family, don’t blame me.”

She sent me 6 shots. I picked this one - click here to see. And attached below are the other 5.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yours in gossip,