Dear Gossips,

Thank you for you emails last week about Pitch Perfect 2, demonstrating your enthusiasm for the return of the Barden Bellas. As Duana put it the other day – the real question is how many times are you seeing it? Like do you just turn around after the first show and start queuing for the next? Or do you play like it’s high school again and sneak into the theatre next door for the second half and the big finale?

There’s nothing like a big singalong movie finale. The first Pitch Perfect delivered on that. Just like the big singalong finale in Sister Act 2. Someone needs to supercut that (are supercuts even a thing anymore?) – a compilation of all the big singalong finales, from Pitch Perfect to Grease to Moulin Rouge to The Sound Of Music. And after that, all the dance movie finales.

Um, do you know what tomorrow is? The 15th anniversary of the release of Centre Stage. That should be a question on a friendship quiz: Centre Stage, yes or no? Yes exclamation point being the only acceptable answer.

Here are some shots of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast at the premiere on Friday.

Yours in gossip,