Dear Gossips,

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could not hold on to the top spot at the box office this weekend. Instead it was Neighbours and a big win for Zac Efron. Just weeks ago he was getting his ass beat under a bridge in Los Angeles, a sketchy incident he still can’t quite explain. Now he’s riding what they’re calling the best performance of his career and he’s finally broken through the male demographic. Why, then, would he ever prioritise wellness?

“All The President’s Men Are Nothing Compared To Her.”


Izzie Stevens, obviously.

A trailer for Katherine Heigl’s State Of Affairs has been released by NBC. She’s Jessica Chastain, Carrie Mathison, and Olivia Pope all at the same time. I rolled my eyes the whole time but at the same time, Heigl looked right on television, she makes sense to me on television. I actually hope she does well.

Yours in gossip,