Dear Gossips,

I spend my nights listening to Brandon Flowers, creeping him online. Wait. Can you call it creeping when you don’t bother hiding it? Jacek will come up from the basement, see me on my laptop, and know right away. “Are you perving out on Brandon Flowers again?” YES.

It’s bad right now. My problem is bad. Especially since these new songs are SO good, particularly to those of us who grew up 80s. Erasure, Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran…this is actually how hard I had it for Simon Le Bon back in the day. Little 12 year old me drawing hearts all over his face. I used to write letters on official Duran Duran Fan Club stationery. (F-ck. Why didn’t I save some of that?) Brandon Flowers is taking me there. And if you’re of that time, I’m telling you, his new album will take you there too. In the spirit of the era, I’m attaching a throwback song below.

Yours in gossip,