Dear Gossips,

Remember last week when I said that there were too many Starks? Click here for a refresher. Well f-ck, I didn’t mean it that way. Still...I don’t think what we saw is what we think we saw. Rather, more and more I’m starting to believe that it’s Robb’s honour that will send him to his father, just like his father. Ned’s honour got him killed. Because it made him a dumbass. Robb’s honour is making him a dumbass too. Can there be honour in war? Clearly George R R Martin doesn’t exactly consider it the most important of battlefield attributes.

They say the Lannisters are gifted at war. Because not only can they fight with might, they can also do it, brilliantly, with words - against each other, often, and it’s delightful, but when they use their words as weapons on their opponents, it is spectacular to watch. Or maybe that’s just me. Because I hate Catelyn Stark so much, I had to rewind Jaime Lannister f-cking with her head 3 times last night before I was ready for bed. Duana’s recap will post later this morning.

How was your Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day belongs to Hollywood now. Does it feel like Mother’s Day is being taken over by celebrities and their babies? None of the writers usually featured on this site have babies. So... meet Maria. Maria is a friend. She is also the Managing Editor of Vitamin Daily and celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a mother (of Jackson, born last year) herself. Maria’s now our Mom Voice. She has some thoughts on Celebrity Mother’s Day. And the show Community. But not at the same time.

Spent the weekend in England for the Snow White And The Huntsman junket. Will review the film closer to the release date. Interviews should air starting this week on etalk. Am home now in Vancouver for a quick 48 hours to get my sh-t together before turning back around for Cannes on Tuesday. It’s the start of an intense 2 months of travel. You know what I’ve been eating every day since February that’s helping a lot? I make a point of having an orange every afternoon. Like right away my skin, even with all the flying around, it’s so much better. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Yours in gossip,