Dear Gossips,

Suddenly there were two, three, four accusers. Just as suddenly those accusers dropped off. Some have been totally discredited. Others say they would rather settle so as to avoid the stress and financial burden of a trial. In the end Team John Travolta will make it go away. Somehow the Organisation always makes it go away. Think about the Xenu following. Think about the membership, the influence and reach of that membership. It’s a membership that includes some of the most high profile people in the world. And that’s only who you know. For every Tom Cruise, there’s someone 10 times wealthier, 10 times more powerful, 10 times more devout, and, when necessary, 10 times more ruthless.

It’s certainly intimidating for those who would challenge the Order. But can you imagine what it must be like for those who are deeply entrenched within the Order? What would happen if they behave in opposition to it? What would happen if they dare to leave it? Rumour has it John Travolta just prowls around the house all night, keeping weird hours, sleeping only sporadically. Can you miss a life you’ve never lived?

Have just arrived in Cannes after flying overnight from Vancouver. Sorry about the late start. The first few articles were pre-written on the flight. New articles will be posted shortly as soon as I get caught up on email and photos etc.

Yours in gossip,