Dear Gossips,

Didn’t think Diddy/Daddy/Puffy’s Downton Abbey parody was good. Then again, Downton Abbey isn’t good. So in that sense, the marriage of Diddy to Downton was perfect. Totally makes sense.

As for Scandal, a proper soap opera without an identity crisis that doesn’t act like it has to be force-fed non-white characters, the season 2 finale is tonight...and Kerry Washington says the cliffhanger is “crazy”:

"The season finale -- the very last line of the episode, I almost couldn't get it out of my mouth."

Here’s another reason I love Scandal: the show is having so much fun all by itself. The show might even be having more fun than you are. That’s the party I want to go to.

Are you watching the series finale of The Office tonight? I’ve not checked in with Dunder Mifflin in over two years, maybe more. So when I was flipping through channels before bed last night, I came across an episode, not sure if it was new or from earlier in the season, and Pam and Jim aren’t right? What’s this about now? They f-cked with Pam and Jim? Still haven’t decided if I’m annoyed or curious enough to check it out. You?

Yours in gossip,