Dear Gossips,

Moonrise Kingdom opened Cannes last night. Photos of the cast on the carpet at the Palais including Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, and Edward Norton, who looked sooooooo great and so fresh and not truculent at all, are attached. And how was it?

I love Wes Anderson movies. If you love Wes Anderson movies, you’ll probably love Moonrise Kingdom too. I LOVED it. Yes, he is so full of random it borders on pretentious and can, for some, feel smug. No I can’t argue against those who would insist that he’s odd by choice and as such not really odd but artificial. Not that I agree, but it’s pointless to argue. Or, rather, that is the point. There will never be a Show Me The Money! moment in a Wes Anderson movie. This time however there is some emotion. A lot of it. In place of the detachment that accompanies much of his work, Anderson’s Moonrise is devastatingly heartfelt. That’s not to say it isn’t absurd and hilarious because it totally is. But it’s also profoundly sad. And affects you in a way that deserves more than its inevitable “quirky” label might suggest. Moonrise Kingdom was a great start to Cannes and an excellent choice by the festival to set this year’s tone. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Every year I mention it and every year it keeps happening. Why is it that Eva Longoria shows up here with the most massive train of anyone on the carpet? Has Eva Longoria ever been in a proper film? I shouldn’t complain. Eva Longoria is not Phoebe Price. Or Victoria Silverstedt. And those two make it onto the steps at the Palais all the time and almost every year. Silverstedt actually walked during the Tree Of Life premiere in 2011 - wtf? For all its profile, sometimes I wonder if Cannes isn’t too lax with its brand.

Yours in gossip,