Dear Gossips,

Didn’t watch the Billboard Music Awards last night. I was at a screening instead. But I tapped out the moment I saw that Jennifer Lopez was escorted down the red carpet by her Slum Lover. Out. Not into it. My only takeaway? Her hair. Am going to try this tomorrow on The Social only without adding pieces.

So Justin Bieber, Ebola Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan were all in Cannes this weekend. That sounds about right. And now we know why Brange was avoiding it. They spent their time in New Orleans raising money for Make It Right. However, Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling have arrived. And that’s what we’ll cover here instead. Also Beyonce.

It’s a long weekend in Canada and most people are taking the holiday off but I’m in LA on assignment for etalk until this afternoon. Am blogging early this morning local time, then blocking off a few hours for the junket, then rushing to the airport to make the 3:30pm flight back to Toronto. I’ll get to as much as we can and we’ll pick it back up tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,