Dear Gossips,

It’s been two weeks since Reese Witherspoon was arrested for DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM-ing a police officer in Atlanta. She was on Good Morning America today to secure forgiveness. Have you watched it yet? You can almost see the acting. It’s worth it just to see the acting. It’s the kind of acting though that convinces the kind of people who want to be convinced. Now let’s all feel bad for Reese, OK? Because everyone was so mean to her and she’s a good person. Also, she’s a mother. We can’t stay mad at a mom, can we?

While one American Sweetheart seeks absolution through her children, another is doing it through her hair. Do you want hair Just Like Jen? See video below.

So I’m into a new book. Have you read Marisha Pessl’s Special Topics In Calamity Physics? She’s another one of those First Book Bitches. Seven years after her ridiculously great debut, her second is ready. It’s called Night Film. I’m about a third of the way through and can think of nothing else. Even after the hockey game last night I stayed up much too late and had to actually have it taken away from me. Will share complete thoughts when I’m finished but for now, for those of you wondering if she’d be back, well, oh yes, she is back.

Yours in gossip,