Dear Gossips,

Between Cannes and Brange and Beyonce and Robsten and the Afflecks and the Billboard Music Awards, it was a relentless weekend. Here’s how I see it -- on that list, Billboard is the lowest priority, right? Check LifeStyle through the day for red carpet photos and we’ll keep the main gossip page dedicated to the headliners.

As for Justin Bieber getting booed last night  -- fine, the kid is a punk, and while it may have been satisfying for some to see his bottom lip trembling, does the enjoyment hold up when you consider that Chris Brown wasn’t booed AT ALL and in fact received rapturous applause instead, particularly from women?

I’ve never wanted to but here’s more reason why it would suck to be up so close at this kind of award show:

Miguel, by the way, apologised to the girl afterwards and did an interview with her. Not sure if it’ll be enough to avoid a lawsuit. Needless to say, Miguel’s sh-tty long jump resulted immediately in a few hilarious memes. So far, this one is my favourite.

Yours in gossip,