Dear Gossips,

I interviewed Angelina Jolie yesterday. I’ve interviewed her before (Kung Fu Panda 2), but never for that long and also never alone. Makes a big difference. Like, I still feel her in my blood. And I think, I think I made her laugh. Twice. I also think, maybe, she enjoyed talking to me about feminism. But then again, I feel like maybe I’ve rewritten our entire narrative in my mind, imagined an entirely different situation than the one that actually went down. Which was, basically, me completely useless, just staring at her ridiculously perfect face. Haven’t watched the tapes back yet but I was there for etalk for the Maleficent Canadian exclusive with her so we’ll be airing the clips all week on the show, 7pm on CTV.

Welcome back to those of you in Canada returning from the May long weekend. It was business as usual here on the blog so please scroll down to get caught up on Brange, Beyonce, Cameron, and Cannes. More Cannes coverage to follow today. But everyone there is still talking about Foxcatcher, now a real early contender for Oscar. Here’s the cast at the gala last night. I quite like it when Channing Tatum combs his hair down like that.

Yours in gossip,