Dear Gossips,

I’m still high on Angelina Jolie. Even after a rough weekend with no sleep and two flights in less than 24 hours and 3 shoots yesterday, on top of writing the blog, I can’t find anything to complain about. And, normally, I hate everyone, everything. Yesterday I was on the phone with my friend Gab, who’d had a really sh-tty day at work. By the end of my description of what it was like being in the same room as the Jolie, and touching her hand twice, and making her laugh too, Gab’s mood had lifted too. The Jolie. No one ever had a chance.

As mentioned yesterday, moments of my Canadian exclusive interview with Jolie will air on etalk all week. Thanks for your emails about wanting more written detail about the experience, like the last time I sat down with her for Kung Fu Panda 2 in Cannes. That’ll come with photos from the premiere, along with my review of Maleficent, which, by the way, I loved. How long does an Angelina high last? Will it last until the weekend? Can I lend some of it to Ryan Gosling? He took some heat off of fellow Canadian Atom Egoyan yesterday when Lost River screened at the festival. More on this later. Also, Tom Cruise is back.

Yours in gossip,