Dear Gossips,

I can’t believe Michael Douglas won’t be receiving an Oscar nomination for his work in Behind The Candelabra. Because he is BRILLIANT in Behind The Candelabra. An actor still at the very, very, very top of his game. And Matt Damon too. And Steven Soderbergh.

Behind The Candelabra is so f-cking good, I watched it twice last night, back to back. You know what the word is? It’s a word I never, ever, ever use because it’s so, so, SO overused:


But how else to say it? Fabulous, and sad, and hysterical. The kind of movie you keep playing, if only to learn the lines. What makes it even more fabulous is that fabulous was not their goal. They played it straight, no pun intended. In playing it straight, the authenticity gave way to the fabulous, organically. I truly believed in those 4 hours (two viewings, remember) that Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were lovers. Their first kiss was as intimate as any tender and awkward and tense and loving a kiss on film that I’ve ever seen. Their chemistry was so palpable, at times it actually seemed like a home video.

You know how Douglas can sometimes be interchangeable in his roles? Like his Andrew Shepherd in The American President (love that movie) is really just Gordon Gekko, but with morals? Well there’s none of that in Behind The Candelabra. He totally transformed.

We need to watch this together on Sunday on HBO. Behind The Candelabra is exhilarating. My only regret is that the screen is too small. This belongs in a proper theatre.

Yours in gossip,