Dear Gossips,

Last week I used Miley Cyrus as an excuse to talk about Brandon Flowers. Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with Brandon Flowers? Anyway, in that post (click here for a refresher), I gossip-wished Brandon covering Don’t Get Me Wrong for Miley’s next Backyard Session. Well, he performed in London last night. And he covered Don’t Get Me Wrong. But instead of Miley, He.Sang.It.With.Chrissie.Hynde.



I have to restrain myself from watching this too many times because he is so f-cking hot in this video, I might not be able to work. Oh and he also performed it on BBC Radio 2 live at Maida Vale studios. It’s the second embedded video below, start at 19:44. God. He sounds gorgeous.

Anyway, like I said, I have to work. So I have to ignore my Google alerts. But this photo attached first is from his new interview about The Desired Effect with the LA Times – click here to read it. Or, you know, just stare at his face. Which you can also do while watching the new lyric video for I Can Change that was just released yesterday. That’s the third video embedded.

OK. I’m trying. I’m trying to work. Heading back to Toronto today so I’ve worked overnight to prepare most of today’s articles and they’ll be rolled out through the morning. The flight is supposed to have wifi so, hopefully if it’s running, I’ll write the rest from the air.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,