Dear Gossips,

The big premiere in Cannes today is Walter Salles’s On The Road. I was at the morning screening and across the board, the acting is marvelous. Many outlets have already published their reviews.  I’m still thinking about the film and sorting out my impressions. It’s beautiful, no doubt. Too long for sure. But as for whether or not it captures the essence and the era, at the risk of sounding overly precious, I want to let it sit for a day. After all, I have a long flight home ahead. And when it comes to analysing a film adapted from such an iconic work, with such personal attachment from individual to individual, I feel like I need to take my time. Having said that, I will post some thoughts on Garrett Hedlund and other cast performances later today.

But first - can we take a moment to appreciate Viggo Mortensen’s love for the Habs?

What happens with a Summer Crush? You find a way to talk about him/her ALL THE TIME. Every conversation leads back to Tom Hardy these days. I have decided I will give myself until the end of the month.

Yours in gossip,