Dear Gossips,

Game Of Thrones was pre-empted last night on HBO. For the Memorial Day weekend in the United States but also because The Normal Heart aired instead, just like Behind The Candelabra last year. Did you watch? The film will repeat on HBO for the next few weeks. Please watch. It’s so good. But mostly, it’s SO important.

I read an article today on NPR titled “Normal Heart Teaches New Generation About The Early Years Of AIDS”. So many people don’t remember the fear. And while that means that they were spared the grief of losing friends, of living in a time of terrible ignorance, it might also mean that we’ve become complacent. According to Phil Wilson of the Black AIDS Institute:

It's hugely important to remember the early days of the epidemic. But he points out that HIV is still alive and well and killing people. And its face today is very different than in 1985.

"HIV in America is a black disease," he says. "Nearly 50 percent of people living with HIV in America are black. Nearly 50 percent of new infections in this country are black. Over 70 percent of women with HIV in this country are black."

They started the war. But the war isn’t over.

Yours in gossip,