Dear Gossips,

In the heat of an obsession, there’s nothing more satisfying than when your google alert goes off in the morning. Brandon Flowers was on BBC Breakfast today. He played a show in Leeds last night, then got up at 5am to make it to the interview, and they asked him about that, about looking so fresh when he had to sleep on the bus…which, basically, was their segue into asking him about his lifestyle – being a rock star and a family man, being a rock star and a Mormon. That’s part of the fascination for me as well. How does that work? Does it work? Are we too cynical? As he says, “it’s definitely a topic that comes up a lot”. It came during his conversation on NPR too. You can listen here but if you don’t have time, here’s an excerpt:

DAVID GREENE: So you're sober. You are a devout Mormon. You're family man, three kids, yet, you know, you're pulled by the spirit of Elvis. You, yourself, have, you know, a rock and roll kind of image, you know, and that you'll show onstage. I mean, these seem to be conflicting impulses here.

BRANDON FLOWERS: They are. I mean, I'm not without temptation or anything like that, but I - you know, I also feel like I learned a lot in the early days, having that contrast of knowing what I felt, what made me feel good and then trying to fit into this role of a - you know, of the lead singer of a rock band. You know, because I've had both of those experiences, it made it easier for me to decide which road I was going to take.

I want to know more about the “temptation”. Is that cheap?

Yours in gossip,


PS. Thanks to those of you who’ve emailed recently asking about the SMUT Soiree. Unfortunately, due to family priorities and other commitments, I’ve not been able to plan the event this summer. We are looking at some options in the fall and will give you more details if and when that’s possible. Apologies for any inconvenience this might present. I love our gossip nights. And I really, really want to make it happen.