Dear Gossips,

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber is claiming that he wasn’t the one speeding around in his Ferrari around his community the other night, which prompted a confrontation with Keyshawn Johnson. So, like, someone was impersonating him. Even though he ran right past Keyshawn into his own house to avoid being yelled at.

You know what though? He’s worth too much money to too many people. He’ll be fine. He seemed fine at the hockey game last night. In shades

I’ve mentioned before my guilty-pleasure reading of Jilly Cooper’s books about horse people. Especially Rupert Campbell-Black, right? Did you know she’s writing another book about him? Anyway, I came across these new photos of Cooper today that cracked me up. If you know her work, you know she loves animals. And wearing them. On her body, on her bags...

I need that sweater.

Yours in gossip,