Dear Gossips,

The Choice is a new FOX reality show like The Voice only about dating. Four single “celebrity” bachelors will sit with their backs turned while listening to a herd of potential dates trying to convince them one by one to turn around. If he’s interested in what he hears, the “celebrity” bachelor will spin to face his “choice”. Sometimes two or more “celebrity” bachelors might want a piece of it, in which case they must throw down until their desired “choice” makes a decision. Something like that.

You’d have to be a mega f-cking loser “celebrity” to agree to that sh-t, right? So what are we talking here? Former contestants on Dancing With The Sh-ts? Top 10 finalists on singing shows? Child stars from 80s and 90s sitcoms? Gerard Butler? Then again, some would argue that Dancing With The Sh-ts is like Fame Alchemy these days. It can turn a D lister into a solid C+. Sometimes that pays the mortgage.

These dating shows, even when there are no recognisable names involved, draw massive ratings. You say you only watch to be entertained by these women throwing themselves at these douchebags. I totally get that, I do. At the same time, that’s where the network is happiest too. The media giants make the most money off of programming that either depicts women as baby machines, good in their kitchens with their children on their hips or dressed in booty clothes pulling on each other’s hair for the sake of finding a good man.

We really do get what we deserve.

Yours in gossip,