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Dear Gossips,

During the 10 weeks that Game Of Thrones is on, I actually look forward to Sundays. After just a few episodes, Old Lady Tyrell is becoming a part of that. And then it occurred to me:

Old Lady Tyrell > Dowager Countess of Grantham

It’s not Maggie Smith’s fault. Nor, really, her character’s that her show is total bullsh-t. And what I mean by that is the acclaim. If it’s a night-time soap opera you’re after though, why not Scandal? Julian Fellowes has a fancier name than Shonda Rhimes, sure. But whatever’s happening at Downton is no more prestigious than the White House and Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have more chemistry than Mary and Matthew ever did.

One of the most hilarious quotes I’ve read about Downton Abbey and Julian Fellowes is what he said on the subject of racial diversity on the show claiming he’s always wanted to include non-white characters but wanted to make sure he could write it in a way that was “historically accurate”. Errmm... since when has “historical accuracy” mattered to Downton Abbey? Or, for that matter, believability? When you write a storyline that includes a disfigured possible heir come back from the dead, you’re in Days Of Our Lives territory, that’s it. What I like about Scandal is that it doesn’t pretend otherwise.

Anyway, the original point: more Old Lady Tyrell.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


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