Dear Gossips,

Maxwell Drew has her first job already. Just a few weeks old and she is officially a Baby Pimp. Jessica Simpson’s million dollar baby was introduced to us this morning on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine. You do know that Jessica, who “runs” a billion dollar business, sold the baby photos (that included baby shower pictures) at that price, right? And still, there are those who can’t resist the comparisons, taking the opportunity to sh-t on Beyonce’s pregnancy in comparison and praise Jessica’s because... I dunno... she put on a lot of weight? 

Why do you think this is?

Is it because Beyonce’s body returned to her a lot quicker than Jessica’s will? Are we actually suggesting that Beyonce’s work ethic and Porny’s work ethic are the same? And their muscle memory too?

Or... is it something decidedly more sinister?

Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what I’m suggesting.

Last week I wrote re: The Great Gatsby trailer - click here for a refresher - that some of the anticipated award-contending films would all soon be releasing their trailers, wondering if we might see one soon for Les Miserables. Everyone has slept off Memorial Day by now. It’s getting busy again.

Am flying to Toronto this afternoon but most of the column will have been written by the time I take off. There should be no interruption to the schedule unless something breaks when I’m in flight from 1pm PT - 5pm PT. If that’s the case, I’ll post as soon as I land.

Yours in gossip,


p.s. My mail is f-cked today.  It should all be downloaded though by tomorrow. Please keep sending me your messages.