Dear Gossips,

I wonder if Ashton “Raj” was the final push. Demi Moore finally announced her Twitter name change yesterday. After months of continuing on as @mrskutcher, she’s now @justdemi while her husband continues to take sh-t for his “brown face”. Click here for my article on that yesterday including thoughts on Misfits’s Lauren Socha’s f-ck up...which may have cost her her job.

Hey but you know what? Two And A Half Men has been renewed and Ashton has re-signed at $700K an episode. Infidelity, stupidity, racial insensitivity... nothing brings down Ashton Kutcher. And he’s already a piece of sh-t. You can imagine then how much worse it will get? God Mila Kunis, WHAT are you doing?

Have a great weekend! Enjoy The Avengers...after you finish reading Insurgent?!?! And my review of it here!

Yours in gossip,