Dear Gossips,

I remember there being more movie stars at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in previous years. Like, it’s where Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn once held hands, right? Now I think of it as the annual event in Washington featuring, always, the cast of Modern Family.

Let’s save our juice for tonight then, shall we? It’s the MET Gala. Fashion Porn!

We’re starting early tomorrow and it’ll be, at least, a 20-25 post day. Minimum. And one thing to keep an eye out for: whether or not Anna Wintour has put her brand on discount after…you know. Kanye showed up at the party last year with his pregnant girlfriend and Anna ended up cropping her out of the photo. How do you go from this…

…to slapping it on the cover?

There were two “bests” that we named in 2013 from the MET Gala. You’ll recall – the theme last year was “PUNK”. Too many of them missed the message. Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker however got it right. SJP will be there tonight, per usual, for sure. But this time? The theme is “WHITE TIE”. Marc Jacobs was already bored last week. The most A List confirmed guest so far? Probably Lupita Nyong’o. Amazing. But if Taylor Swift is the next best, blame it on the K.

Yours in gossip,