Dear Gossips,

Did you overdose on taffeta and sateen?

Here’s what you want out of an event like the MET Gala: spectacular wins AND spectacular losses. By that standard, the event was a success. Because holy sh-t there were moments. Moments of gasping delight, moments of choking horror. We’ll get there.

And we will fight!

That’s what we do after the MET Gala, right? We agree and we disagree and you yell at me and I say, come ON, but at least it’s not boring! And we move on to the next. And the next, and the next, and the next.

So it’s going to be a heavy day here at LaineyGossip. We try to cover most of the looks individually so it takes us a little longer. But for us, that’s the only way that fashion porn can be done right. Please keep refreshing and scroll down and click VIEW OLDER to get caught up on each post. We’ll be at least several pages long. And we’ll start with Erykah Badu, because why not? She’s a doula, did you know that? If you’ve had children, or plan to, I just want you to imagine her coaching you through. Also, that’s a beautiful jacket.

Yours in gossip,