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Dear Gossips,

Apart from JLO Slum Loving down the occasion...

God that was satisfying. The Dress Porn at the Costume Institute Gala was satisfying, wasn’t it? That’s what’s great about Dress Porn -- even when it’s bad, it’s GREAT. Because sometimes hating is more fun anyway, which is a truth that’s only safe to admit in the context of style. So here we are, at the Oscars of Style. An event that takes place in New York. Where, presumably, everyone else at the party “gets” it, and they’re really the only people who matter -- in this conversation -- anyway. So why worry about the wife of an old ass Academy voter who lives in Palm Springs? You have succeeded if the pearl-clutching fans of Reese Witherspoon’s red carpet aesthetic snort in disgust. You have failed if Duana uses the word “mumsy” to describe it. This is what happened to the celebrity who will go on to be named Worst at the MET Gala 2013. But I reserve the right to change my mind. At this writing, I’ve not seen all from every angle yet. I can tell you right now though that Best MET won’t be Claire Danes or Emily Blunt. For the MET Gala? Really? This? Pink eye shadow doesn’t turn a boring black dress into punk awesome. Sorry, but it’s not enough.

Remember, PUNK is the theme. Pretty is not the theme. If it’s punk and it happens to be pretty, fine. But PUNK should be priority. It’s the annual all MET Gala edition of the blog. Ready to yell at each other over Dress Porn?

Please note, we started posting at 3am ET/Midnight PT and it’s going to be a heavy, heavy day. Right now I’m counting 49 posts but I think I just tossed Heidi Klum because, sh-t, that’s a waste of time. To get caught up on each and every look, please SCROLL DOWN and click VIEW OLDER until you get to the beginning.

You know why the MET Gala, in some ways at least, is better than the Oscars? We don’t have to endure a four hour show after the carpet. It is an event that exists ONLY for Dress Porn. 

Yours in gossip,


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