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I’m dying for Miranda Kerr’s outfit – can you find it all for me? Please and thank you. J. 


The great thing about this outfit is that it’s a mix of high and low, so J it’s actually borderline affordable – weeee! Let’s do this!

The showpiece of this get-up has to be that great water colored floral skirt. Love the midi length and breezy flow of the silhouette. And guess what? It’s from Topshop!!!  You can get it here (1). Now, you’d be a dummy not to buy the exact one, but if you’re the type that needs options then get clicking away here (2), and here (3) ...

Sasha Finds Miranda Kerr's Outfit

…and here (4), and here (5) and one more here (6).

Sasha Finds Miranda Kerr's Outfit

Next, Miranda’s tucked in an Isabel Marant white tank top into the skirt. Looks great, but in my opinion that’s a big ol’ waste of your dough. There’s no reason to go designer for something this simple so J, I’ve got some budget friendly styles for you here (7) and here (8). And J, if you want you freshen up the look with summer’s IT trend, go with a cropped top (9).

Sasha Finds Miranda Kerr's Outfit

Shall we move on to those heels?  They’re Wangs and if you get to SSENSE (10) now they’re 50% off – GO! Now, if you’re more of a flats kind of chick then you can go the sandal route (11) or wait, how about brogue-ing it up in something like these (12) Rachel Comey's?

Sasha Finds Miranda Kerr's Outfit

Finally, she’s capped off the entire look with a bright red mini Louis Vuitton cross-body bag. If you have the dough, by all means….but if not, then I’ve got some cheaper alternatives coming at you here (13), and here (14), and here (15)...

Sasha Finds Miranda Kerr's Outfit

…and here (16) and here (17).

Sasha Finds Miranda Kerr's Outfit

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