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Dear Gossips,

Thank you for all your emails and tweets in response to the MET Gala coverage yesterday. We posted a total of 50 articles so please SCROLL DOWN and click VIEW OLDER to get all caught up. When you hit Anna Wintour, the Debutante’s Mom, you’ll know you’re at the beginning.

In my sleepless haze, I actually forgot to include a couple of pieces that were pre-written and lost in all the windows I had open on my laptop. This includes Gisele and Tom. We’ll have that for you later. But first...

It was George Clooney’s birthday on Sunday. He turned 52 and celebrated in Germany where he’s shooting a movie. But, as you saw, Stacy Keibler was in New York. Um, wouldn’t you have chosen the MET Gala over your boyfriend’s birthday? It’s not like it was a milestone or anything. And besides, if you’re Stacy Keibler, and time might be running out, if it hasn’t already, on your girlfriend status, wouldn’t you go the gala because you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to go again? When Mrs Timberlake can only gain entry as a +1, can you imagine Stacy Keibler standing with Ms Wintour if or when she’s no longer George’s bonafide?

Back the road this week, heading to Toronto this afternoon. Most of the column has been pre-written and there should be no interruption to your gossip schedule. If anything breaks while I’m in flight, I’ll be all over it soon as I land. Canada still hasn’t added internet to airplanes. What is taking so long?!

Yours in gossip,


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