Dear Gossips,

Understandably they are playing and replaying Stephen Colbert’s two part interview with the adorably cantankerous Maurice Sendak that originally aired in January. Colbert should win an Emmy for it. And the movie should have been more loved. I remember my friend Lorella saying how much she loved the end and the chocolate cake. Yes. Because there should always be chocolate at the end of a long day and a wild adventure, no matter the age.

Thank you for your messages re: Met Gala Dress Porn! We fought about a LOT. know who we didn’t fight about? Which gown that was unanimously disliked? Jessica Biel’s. Which surprised me. I mean it was a poor showing but there was so much worse (hello Leighton Meester). Was it the hem? Was it the ring-waving?

Heading to London on etalk assignment tonight so I’ve a couple of tricky days ahead. Usually the time difference works in my favour but I have to be at the Dictator premiere pretty much as soon as I land. Will try to write from blackberry from the road but there may be blogging gaps. Apologies in advance and thanks for your patience. By Friday we’ll be back to normal.

Yours in gossip,