Dear Gossips,

Do you miss 1989? Dwyane C was my boyfriend in 1989. Like, my first super, super intense love. Dwyane C and I we used to listen to a lot of music together. And before Now That We Found Love there was Somebody For Me which, to me, is the quintessential Heavy D. Look at those moves he’s dropping in the video! And Al B Sure!

If I had access to my parents’ basement today I’d be pulling out all my old tapes. TAPES! Back then it was all tapes. Tapes we’d record off the radio, OMG. I had a Heavy D tape that I’d listen to in the car when my dad drove me to school. He could not understand what was happening. He also didn’t know why I needed money to buy tickets to see Big Daddy Kane at the Masonic Temple. That night I was convinced BDK stared me in the face and invited me backstage. Looking back, I don’t think I misread that. What I realise as an adult though is that every girl was invited the same way.

Still, now, without hesitation, Dylan and I can look at each other and drop every lyric to Special Ed’s I Got It Made and/or I’m The Magnificent. I didn’t know him in 1989, but for those of us who grew up in the era, we all have 1989 in common.  Let’s see if we can’t get a little old school today.

Night golf in Dubai is an incredible experience. Check out Jacek teeing off into the lights. And it’s not hard to find your ball at ALL. Even when you suck like me. Another bonus: there are no mosquitoes. But we do wonder a lot how many of the things we see here are indigenous to the environment. Every bird that flies by, and they’re all so exotic, we ask ourselves if it was imported. It doesn’t matter here if they don’t have it. The point is they will go and get it. Like, even an entire ecosystem.

Remind me to tell you about the buffet breakfasts we’ve been having on this trip. I’ll never feel the same way about a buffet breakfast in North America ever again.

There’s a lot happening in LifeStyle today including a new INTO IT from Sasha and some horrid sh-t from Carrie Underwood. And Sarah sums up the Brett Ratner Oscar fuck-up. And I’m As IF-ing my Mimi but, obviously, with a lot of love.

Yours in gossip,